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How Bing Thom charted the way to replace the Viaducts

One of BIng Thom’s distinctive characteristics was his searching intellect, which constantly drove him to reimagine the city, test his ideas and challenge the public. Despite his sudden death Tuesday in Hong Kong, he continues to shape our… Read More

Viaducts replacement could begin in early 2018 under timeline released by city staff

Demolition and replacement of the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts could begin early in 2018 if key milestones in the latest city work plan are achieved on schedule. The dates are set out in a memo to Mayor and… Read More

How Vancouver fought freeways, replacing the Viaducts, foreign investment: all in one story

Vancouver’s battle to defeat freeways and the significance of council’s decision to replace the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts has been included in the Guardian’s outstanding Story of Cities series with a wise concluding comment from architect Bing Thom…. Read More

City calls for participants in Northeast False Creek Stewardship Group as Viaducts process begins

The call is out in newspaper ads this week for volunteers to join the Northeast False Creek Stewardship Group, the advisory body set up by council to advise the city as the Viaducts replacement program gathers momentum. This is… Read More