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What the experts told the Mayor about foreign investment in 2012

Now that even the federal finance minister and the Premier are working to curb the impact of foreign investment in the real estate market, some commentators are outraged at Mayor Gregor Robertson’s suggestion that their actions were too long… Read More

BC’s small towns struggling with housing crunch triggered by online short-term rentals

Mayors and councillors from across BC jammed a meeting room at the Union of BC Municipalities convention today to compare notes on the unprecedented housing crisis they face as a result of the explosion of online short-term rentals…. Read More

Vancouver tenant gives her perspective on short-term rental issue, pro and con

After a week that included meetings with Airbnb officials and Vancouver Airbnb hosts, this e-mail arrived  in my inbox from a tenant setting out exactly the issues council will have to contend with when it adopts new regulations…. Read More

Landlord BC urging new incentives for rental construction as solution to housing crunch

Rental housing and the rights of tenants are shaping up as two big issues emerging in the run-up to the 2017 provincial election campaign. Landlord BC today condemned the bidding wars for rental housing that are breaking out… Read More