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It’s time for the province to ensure online booking platforms like Airbnb collect required taxes

With municipalities from Tofino to Nelson and Whistler struggling to limit the negative impacts of online booking services like Airbnb on affordable and local worker housing stock, it’s time for the provincial government to close a tax loophole… Read More

Rennie’s call for regional housing plan points to major weakness in tools to achieve affordability

Yesterday’s massive gathering of the Urban Development Institute to hear Bob Rennie’s annual industry update had the feel of a rally of winning race horse race bettors at a tribute to their smartest track analyst. The housing market has been… Read More

CCPA’s “bold” housing ideas not bold enough to bring real help to Metro’s renters

Despite the promise to “get serious” about the broken housing market, with “bold affordable housing solutions,” the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives latest policy proposals fall short on both counts. In particular, yesterday’s policy paper by Marc Lee… Read More

Vancouver programs generating half of all new rental in Metro, protecting critical lower-cost housing stock

Vancouver’s Housing Action Plan has delivered almost half of all new rentals in Metro Vancouver, council learned today, and is ensuring that more than 35 percent of the city’s housing stock is affordable to families on low and middle incomes. Good… Read More