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Five things I’ve been told about Air BnB: good, bad and ugly

Ever since coverage began last week about my motion to step up city oversight of Air BnB listings and their impact on rental stock, my inbox has been receiving a complete range of comment, positive and negative, on… Read More

Budget 2016 restarts investment in housing with more funding, consultation on national strategy

Housing activists paging through today’s budget will focus on Ottawa’s commitment to begin consultation on a renewed National Housing Strategy, as well as the doubling of investments in affordable housing, as signs that Canada is finally ready to resume… Read More

Burnaby’s “thicket of towers” not making a dint in the cost of housing — that takes senior govt. action

Today’s odd comparison in the Vancouver Sun between the rate of tower construction in Burnaby and Vancouver — Burnaby is building many more towers than Vancouver — misses one clear conclusion: a big supply of new condos will… Read More

Vanishing vacancy rate bringing the Airbnb debate in Vancouver to a boil

Frustrated renters and condo residents have been sending me a steady stream of letters since yesterday’s panel discussion on CBC’s The Current about Vancouver’s Airbnb situation. My comment that “housing is a right, accommodation is not,” struck a… Read More