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Myths about the Viaducts #4: “this is all about condos on Main St.” No, it’s about housing affordability

Viaducts Myth #4: this is all about new condos on Main St. Replacement of the Viaducts would free up two city blocks on either side of Main St. at Union. Would they be condominiums? Perhaps some, but these… Read More

City cracks down on derelict, abandoned homes on Cambie, but forced rental not possible

An improved city education program, combined with an enforcement crackdown, has virtually eliminated problems of vermin and garbage around empty homes on Cambie, says city planning general manager Brian Jackson, but the city does not have the power… Read More

A rent increase tsunami? Not because of Vancouver’s rental protection rules

According to rental market real estate experts David and Mark Goodman, the only things standing between Vancouver tenants and a rental wonderland of affordable new housing are Vancouver’s rental replacement bylaws that protect the city’s stock of older… Read More

Air BnB share of Vancouver’s rental market: 3,473 units and growing

Short-term renters had 3,473 Vancouver Air BnB listings to chose from June 1, up sharply from the 2,901 available in November, according to impressive new analysis of the “sharing economy” phenomenon in our city just released by SFU… Read More