Category: Neighbourhoods

Vancouver bylaws proving effective to curb explosion of marijuana dispensaries

When delegates this year’s Union of BC Municipalities convention gather in Victoria at the end of the month, regulation of marijuana sales will be front and centre. As my colleague Kerry Jang pointed out in this report late… Read More

Vancouver Police Board responding to “Access Without Fear” with new policies

Vancouver City Council’s decision to declare an “access without fear policy,” confirming that all city services will be available to all without regard to residency or citizenship status, is winning support from other city-funded agencies. The Vancouver Public… Read More

The Viaducts project: Return to Hogan’s Alley brings black community history to life

Nothing about council’s decision to replace the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts has excited more interest than the possibility of reclaiming the history of Vancouver’s black community, which was devastated when Hogan’s Alley, the community’s heart, was bulldozed to… Read More

Reports of death of Le Marche St. George greatly exaggerated

Le Marche St. George, the popular neighbourhood grocery store and community fixture at St. George and E. 28th in East Vancouver, is not at risk of closure, says deputy city manager Sadhu Johnston. A recent city inspection, triggered… Read More