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Report on impact of self-driving cars could be before Vancouver council by fall

Vancouver engineering staff have recruited a researcher and begun preliminary analysis of the implications of driverless cars for the city’s transportation sector. A report should come to council as early as this fall. The project is in response to a motion… Read More

Massive “disruption” of taxi sector already under way, but Victoria no closer to ride-sharing response

The Board of Trade’s appeal to Victoria to develop a comprehensive policy for ride-sharing — echoing a similar call from Vancouver city council last fall — makes the completely erroneous claim that shares in taxi companies sell for… Read More

Uber’s decision to retreat from BC market may give time for a sane ride-sharing solution

Uber’s decision to retreat, for a second time, from a launch into the BC marketplace means the door may be open, at last, to develop a sensible ride-sharing regulatory regime that balances the needs of customers with the… Read More

Robertson to Stone: BC needs new policy framework to put ride-sharing, taxis on level field

With Transportation minister Todd Stone’s evolving position on ride-sharing causing whiplash in Victoria — NDP MLA George Heyman accuses him of “flip-flop-flip” — it’s useful to review Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Jan. 5 proposal for a made-in-BC policy framework to manage the… Read More