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Robertson to Stone: BC needs new policy framework to put ride-sharing, taxis on level field

With Transportation minister Todd Stone’s evolving position on ride-sharing causing whiplash in Victoria — NDP MLA George Heyman accuses him of “flip-flop-flip” — it’s useful to review Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Jan. 5 proposal for a made-in-BC policy framework to manage the… Read More

“One in a million” shutdown underlines importance of Skytrain to regional transportation

The “one in a million” accident on the Expo line that forced a long shutdown of Skytrain service during Tuesday’s rush hour underlines once more how critical it is to renew and expand rail commuter service right across… Read More

What’s a fair transit fare? Toronto’s annual debate tests the trade-offs, but Translink strategy unclear

With Compass card users breaking the 100,000 mark, a new single-zone bus network and Faregates soon to swing shut, it’s been a year of dramatic changes for Translink users, who saw voters reject new funding tools in June’s… Read More

Myths about the Viaducts #1: traffic will get worse, right? Actually, it will improve, overall

Early coverage and social media commentary on the proposal to remove and replace the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts has been plagued by a few key pieces of information. Here, as a public service, real facts on four key… Read More