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BC Place tells city that digital signs will stay, as they are

BC Place has made all the changes it deems necessary to digital signs installed around the new stadium, according to City Manager Penny Ballem, and the city has no power to take further action. Ballem advised council of… Read More

The BC Place sign debate: city asks PAVCO to do what it said it would do

When Vancouver city council voted unanimously yesterday to demand an action plan from the BC Pavilion Corp. to bring its new digital signs into compliance with city policies, the city was simply asking PAVCO to do what it… Read More

Let’s hope I’m wrong and the False Creek casino debate is straightforward

Let’s hope I’m wrong in my forecast that public debate about a new, expanded casino at BC Place Stadium will be “nasty.” The BC Place redevelopment plan is much more than a new roof and a casino, as… Read More