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Vancouver council’s productive week

Some weeks at council are more productive than others. By Tuesday evening, Vancouver City Council had completed an in-depth look at the environmental risks posed by massive increases in oil exports from the Port of Vancouver, approved a… Read More

Dunsmuir bike lanes mark turning point in opening downtown to cycling

Despite the relative calm as council approved segregated bike lanes for Dunsmuir St., today’s decision may prove more significant than last year’s Burrard Bridge trial. For the first time, council is testing segregated lanes in the heart of the… Read More

Burrard numbers show commuters surprisingly undeterred by bad weather

Indefatigable cycling advocate Chris Keam, of the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, has forwarded this analysis of Burrard Bridge traffic numbers, which shows commuter cyclists surprisingly undeterred by bad weather. Recreational cyclists are understandably more fickle, staying home in… Read More

Burrard Bridge home run

The staff report to next week’s Transportation and Traffic Committee on the Burrard Bridge trial declares the project a complete success: car and pedestrian traffic unaffected, cycling traffic up 26 percent on average but much more on weekends…. Read More