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The best ways for BC to help Syrian refugees, from people who make refugee support their life work

Premier Christy Clark’s commitment to contribute $1 million to assist Syrian refugees was a welcome response to the growing crisis, but what’s the best way to spend the money? The task is daunting given that at least half… Read More

What, exactly, is Chris Alexander up to? Here’s what an emergency refugee contingency plan would look like

Ever since Immigration Minister Chris Alexander suspended campaigning to confront the refugee crisis, I’ve wondered what he was up to. Is he making a plan for emergency admission of refugees? Because work on such a plan began in… Read More

“Express entry” seems expressly suited to employer needs, not national interest

As Canada’s new “express entry” immigration system struggles to find its feet, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has been at pains to focus on the dramatic reduction in wait times for would-be immigrants, dismissing complaints by critics… Read More

Robertson supports Vancouver developing sanctuary city or “access without fear” policy

Mayor Gregor Robertson has endorsed a recommendation of his Mayor’s Working Group on Immigration that Vancouver explore the feasibility of an “access without fear” or sanctuary city policy to ensure people living without immigration status continue to access… Read More