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The NPA line on Point Grey bike lane: those “bring back the car” stories in full

Kirk “High Road” Lapointe, the NPA’s candidate for mayor, yesterday issued a series of angry tweets at me that escalated from charges of “fibbing” about his party’s position on the Point Grey bike lane to “fabrication” and finally… Read More

NPA’s Francis Wong dives through loophole to hide campaign donations, expenses

Failed NPA council candidate Francis Wong has exploited a gaping loophole in the city’s election financial disclosure rules, blowing through two deadlines to withhold all information about his campaign contributions and expenditures. The penalty? Under the city’s feeble… Read More

How a “common sense” revolution knocked Toronto seriously off stride: a cautionary tale

Did “common sense” put Toronto in near-terminal decline? That’s the disturbing conclusion of veteran Toronto urban affairs writer John Lorinc, who traces Toronto’s crumbling transit infrastructure and fractured politics to Mike Harris’ Common Sense Revolution of the 1990s…. Read More

City’s court petition details events that triggered receivership decision

Here, for those interested in the difficult road the Vision council has been forced to travel to unravel the Olympic Village problems left by Sam Sullivan’s NPA, is the petition filed in court yesterday by the City of… Read More