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Could transit fares be free? Yes, but cities would have to take up the slack

Free transit has lots of appeal, but is definitely not “no cost.” As Jarrett Walker notes in this assessment of new experiments in “free transit,” what’s really at stake is the size of the fare subsidy. If cities… Read More

“Like” 4TransitNow on Facebook if you want more rapid transit and bus service

If you support Translink’s Moving Forward supplement to expand transit services across Metro, then “like” the 4TransitNow page I’ve started on Facebook to give riders a voice — and invite your friends. Metro Vancouver’s mayors will vote Oct…. Read More

Voice of beleaguered #transit riders missing in Translink funding debate

Where’s the voice of transit riders in the debate over funding Translink expansion? Anyone who rides the system knows that most buses are bulging with riders. Finding a seat on any crosstown Vancouver route is a miracle, watching… Read More

Where are immigrant organizations’ voices in debate over new transit investments?

The debate over the future of Metro Vancouver’s transit system — particularly how much-needed expansion will be funded — has been dominated by politicians and some business groups. Notably absent are the voices of riders, particularly new immigrants… Read More