Vancouver’s Garossino plunges into Toronto megacasino debate

Vancouver’s Sandy Garossino, who carried the Vancouver Not Vegas banner against the proposed Edgewater casino expansion here in Vancouver, is in  Toronto this week to help opponents of the massive MGM proposal for a waterfront casino at the Canadian National Exhibition.

At 3 million square feet, 10,000 jobs and $3 billion, the MGM casino concept makes the now-defeated expansion here seem tiny.

Proponents of the project are touting jobs, fun and more money for city coffers as they unveil their sweeping plans. But opponents — and they are many — are slamming the loss of public space and the threat they perceive to public health.

There, as here, opponents include prominent civic leaders and health advocates. Unlike here, Mayor Rob Ford is firmly supporting the proposal. It’s a bigger fight in a bigger city, with a provincial gaming authority hungry for more revenue. Stay tuned.